Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Get to Know Marie and Arlene

Marie and Arlene have worked with Dr. Wachs for many years. They enjoy making your patient experience as pleasant and relaxed as possible. They are able to assist you and provide you with important information at every step of your treatment, before, during and after your office visit. 

From your very first contact with our office until your treatment is complete, they will be ensuring that you get the care and assistance you deserve. Marie and Arlene are able to answer any questions that you may have about any aspect of your care. They are both well-versed in the oral surgical procedures that we do. 

Additionally, Marie has years of experience working with both dental and medical insurance providers and claims. She is happy to work with you to help you maximize any insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Marie and Arlene will help to coordinate any necessary contact between Dr. Wachs and your dental and medical providers.

Feel free to reach out to Marie and Arlene at any time
so that we may make your entire treatment experience as hassle-free as possible.
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